New on Entrepodcast: WePupy – AirBnB for bathroom sharing (audio)

harrygrayIn this week’s Episode #74 of Entrepod, the podcast for wannabe entrepreneurs, host Adam Buckholtz (photo) speaks with Bay Area entrepreneur Genesee Flashpan.

She’s flushed with pride about WePupy — a new app that wipes “the sharing economy” and sanitizes it for your protection.

When you have to go, you have to go, and WePupy makes it easy to leave your cares behind at carefully curated facilities near you.

Mas…New on Entrepodcast: WePupy – AirBnB for bathroom sharing (audio)

@SaraChicaD gets her Cinco de Mayo ¡Grito! on (videos)

gritoscreencapIt’s time again for Cinco de Mayo, the holiday whose popularity no one really understands, except for the beer companies.

But now you can celebrate by getting your Grito on with the ¡Grito! app. Get it here.

What is the ¡Grito! app? It’s an app a native Texan and lover of her Mexican heritage Kathryn Gonzales made in order to celebrate — not mock — the culture of Gritos.

The app lets you play gritos at appropriate times, teaches about the history of gritos, and even lets you create your own. Here’s one I made for everyday usage:

Mas…@SaraChicaD gets her Cinco de Mayo ¡Grito! on (videos)

VIDEO: Remote control spray paint tagging quad copter drone?

ic_tyrone_photoWhat is Tyrone Drone? Is it an app? Is it a drone? Stop — you’re both right, sorta.

“Reach new heights of artistic expression with Tyrone Drone,” says the hype. “Dare to tag wherever you couldn’t — or wouldn’t — before. You might not crash the White House, but Tyrone is armed with a couple cans of spray paint and no conscience. Paint your neighborhood. Or destroy it with graffiti.”

Mas…VIDEO: Remote control spray paint tagging quad copter drone?

iJuan, smartphone app for day labor, scores $3,500,000 investment


(GUANAJUATO, MEXICO) iJuanCo, creator of iJuan, the first smartphone app to directly match day laborers and potential bosses, has secured a $3.5 million dollar investment from venture capital fund XS Dinero, iJuanCo company president Grito Del Toro announced here today.

Day laborers using the app will be able to register their schedules, skill set and service areas via iJuan, saving potential employers the hassle of cruising to Home Depot to hire workers while lessening the need for trabajeros to chase patrons’ trokas around the parking lot.

“We aim to disrupt the day labor market,” Del Toro said. “We’re turning wetbacks into techbacks!”

Mas…iJuan, smartphone app for day labor, scores $3,500,000 investment

iNotRacist: Social media app keeps track of your non-racism (video)

You’re not a racist. You open doors for African-Americans, you talk with the Latino guy behind the counter at lunch and you even make friends with that Asian guy at work, the crazy weird one on the fifth floor. But wouldn’t it be cool if you could get credit for all your non-racist activities? Check out iNotRacist — available soon for your iPhone.