Archaeologists: Skeletal remains linked to pulque god (photos,video)

skeletalremainsArchaeologists in Tlaxcala, Mexico have discovered skeletal remains of a high-ranking figure in Aztec ruins that are linked to the pulque god, as well as “the cooked vertebrae and ribs of at least three different infants.”

Archeaology reports:

Excavations at the Zultépec-Tecoaque archaeological site, home to the Acolhua between A.D. 1200 and 1521, have uncovered human remains in a cistern, a throne made from volcanic rock, and a cylindrical stone carved with the image of the Aztec god Ometochtli.

Mas…Archaeologists: Skeletal remains linked to pulque god (photos,video)

Scientists find cache of 25 Peruvian ‘quipus’ – Inca calculators

quipusScientists investigating the archaeological complex of Incahuasi, south of Lima, have uncovered 25 well-preserved quipus.

The 600-year-old strings are an example of the technology of the Inca civilization, which never developed a written language.

Quipu – also called “khi-pus” or “talking knots” – are made up of colored spun thread, and sometimes, llama or alpaca hair.

The ornately knotted strings are thought to have helped in record-keeping, when authorities wanted to monitor items such as taxes and population.


Share with your parents: UFO Mayan secrets, ancient aliens revealed

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Part 2 below.

Mas…Share with your parents: UFO Mayan secrets, ancient aliens revealed