Looks legit: How to make fish tacos (one-minute video)

Summer’s coming, that means beach weather, and that means seafood, like the Baja California favorite, fish tacos. Did you know that the great majority of “native” videos on Facebook are viewed without sound? This is one of those new-fangled recipe videos you can watch without sound, although you’ll miss the perky music. The recipe is pretty good, too.

Here’s the recipe from the Web Restaurant Store (they made the video):

Mas…Looks legit: How to make fish tacos (one-minute video)

Dancing Tijuana Cop: The White Zone is for Moonwalking only (video)

“Police officer Jose Ruben Echeverria showed he had the moves Sunday in the Mexican city of Tijuana, dancing to some of Michael Jackson’s greatest hits while directing traffic. Numerous bystanders snapped photos of the dancing police officer, with some even joining in with him. Echeverria says he dances while directing traffic to make the experience of being stuck more pleasant for motorists and pedestrians. He also said it can help boost people’s mood and improve their attitude.” — RUPTLY.

Taco Tuesday Video: Tacos El Yaqui Perrones, Rosarito, Baja

tacotuesdayIn Rosarita, Baja Mexico, every day is taco Tuesday at Tacos El Yaqui Perrones, where the specialty of the house is wood-grilled flank steak piled on melted cheesy flour tortillas. These are not just tacos WITH cheese. The cheese is not an afterthought, not a garnish. Melted cheese on a flour tortilla (are we not talking a grilled cheese sammich here aka quesadilla?) is the critical taste and texture infrastructure upon which the oak wood flame-broiled carne is arrayed. These are cheese + steak tacos. On white.

IMHO, these tacos are the Philadelphia cheesesteaks of Mexico. I’m originally from South Philly so that’s a compliment!

The only thing that could make the tacos in this video more appetizing would be Smell-O-Vison, or, maybe, Cheese-Whiz:

Mas…Taco Tuesday Video: Tacos El Yaqui Perrones, Rosarito, Baja