Taco Tuesday Video: Tacos El Yaqui Perrones, Rosarito, Baja

tacotuesdayIn Rosarita, Baja Mexico, every day is taco Tuesday at Tacos El Yaqui Perrones, where the specialty of the house is wood-grilled flank steak piled on melted cheesy flour tortillas. These are not just tacos WITH cheese. The cheese is not an afterthought, not a garnish. Melted cheese on a flour tortilla (are we not talking a grilled cheese sammich here aka quesadilla?) is the critical taste and texture infrastructure upon which the oak wood flame-broiled carne is arrayed. These are cheese + steak tacos. On white.

IMHO, these tacos are the Philadelphia cheesesteaks of Mexico. I’m originally from South Philly so that’s a compliment!

The only thing that could make the tacos in this video more appetizing would be Smell-O-Vison, or, maybe, Cheese-Whiz: