New perfumes offer scents of dead Reds Che and Chavez (video)

cheperfumeche-nike(PNS reporting from HAVANA) Hey, kids! Now you can smell like dead Commies Che Guevara and/or Hugo Chavez with these two new scents from Cuba’s Labiofarm labs. (That’s “labio” not “labia,” you freaks.)

The just-announced perfume products could be a big source of hard currency for Venezuela‘s flagging economy, which Chavez poisoned and current Commandante Maduro is now kicking in the cojones.

The Hugo Chavez deal, insiders told PNS, was inspired by the Cuban regime’s multi-million-dollar revenue stream from the Che image licensing deal Comarade Fidel made with Nike (photo.)

Mas…New perfumes offer scents of dead Reds Che and Chavez (video)

Pocho Ocho ‘things educated Chicanos like’

salmahaeykWe found this blog called Stuff Educated Chicanos Like | Information on those kids from Aztlan and it’s like it was conceived and written about us here at Pocho, but no.

The blog started in 2008 and hasn’t been updated since 2011, but it still makes us LOL.

(We stole just eight headlines from the original 23 entries for this Pocho Ocho list, so you’ll have to read this post and find the link at the end for the extensive original story.)

¡Mira! Pocho Ocho things educated Chicanos like, with links to POCHO examples:

8. Salma Hayek

Mas…Pocho Ocho ‘things educated Chicanos like’

Are Castro and Chavez planning KomradPad tablet and CheOS?

Artist's rendering of KomradPad running CheOS

(PNS reporting from EL OTRO LADO) Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez and Cuba’s Fidel Castro are developing their own communist tablet computer, the KomradPad, and  a custom commie operating system tentatively dubbed CheOS, according to industry sources.

Initial apps are said to include a Zynga-style game called Collective Farmville, a first-person shooter named Comrade In Arms: Road to a Workers’ Paradise and a socialist media app copied from Facebook called Secret Police Book, which, like FB, makes every status update, link and photo available to guardians of the State’s security.

Mas…Are Castro and Chavez planning KomradPad tablet and CheOS?