Are Castro and Chavez planning KomradPad tablet and CheOS?

Artist's rendering of KomradPad running CheOS

(PNS reporting from EL OTRO LADO) Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez and Cuba’s Fidel Castro are developing their own communist tablet computer, the KomradPad, and  a custom commie operating system tentatively dubbed CheOS, according to industry sources.

Initial apps are said to include a Zynga-style game called Collective Farmville, a first-person shooter named Comrade In Arms: Road to a Workers’ Paradise and a socialist media app copied from Facebook called Secret Police Book, which, like FB, makes every status update, link and photo available to guardians of the State’s security.

Artist’s renderings circulating on tech blogs show only two icons on the home screen, the communist hammer and sickle and the Kalashnikov logo. Kalashnikov, a Chavez BFF, is known for the AK automatic rifles, including the inexpensive AK-47 treasured by militants, freedom fighters and/or terrorists, depending on which side of the barrel you stand.

Building on precedents set by dead Apple, Inc. dictator Steve Jobs, the KomradPad will implement a “Berlin-walled garden” software ecosystem and will be built by heroic workers’ cadres at the FoxConn plant in mainland China.

The integrated RadPad e-book reader CheBook allows users to only read Lenin knock-knock jokes about the bourgeoisie and the sharing application From Each According automatically re-distributes all your assets to your neighbors.

Angry Cigars, a new game developed by the Cuban software company El Cuban Software Company, is also expected to ship with the RadPad on its May 1 launch date.  First-day purchasers are slated to receive a cigar band as an incentive to early adopters.

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