To win playing BORDERS, you need to beat La Migra (video)

BORDERS is a game from Gonzalo Alvarez where players walk in the shoes of an immigrant to endure the danger of a journey across the desert. You only win if you can avoid La Migra and beat the heat by hiding under bushes and staying hydrated. Many make the journey towards the border with the promise of a better life, but only the fittest survive.

Mas…To win playing BORDERS, you need to beat La Migra (video)

Maine cops eat ‘tacos’, students in Korea scarf enchiladas (videos)

copsIn Central Maine, two neighboring police departments compete in an eating contest for charity under the impression they are being served “tacos.” That’s why they need knives and forks, of course.

koreaMeanwhile in Seoul, Korea, two college students video an excursion to local Mexican restaurant Don Charly for a class project. They are unclear on the entire enchilada, knife and fork concept.

Los videos:

Mas…Maine cops eat ‘tacos’, students in Korea scarf enchiladas (videos)

RATM’s Tom Morello: ‘Marching On Ferguson’ (NSFW audio)

Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine) writes:

I’ve witnessed countless incidents of racially motivated police brutality in my lifetime and it’s time to say ‘Enough!’ in the name of all those wrongfully killed and abused. For all the courageous men and women raising their voices against injustice in ‪#‎Ferguson‬, and beyond, give ’em hell. This song is for you. [NSFW adult language.]


Mas…RATM’s Tom Morello: ‘Marching On Ferguson’ (NSFW audio)

Why the Internets were invented: Hispanic cops taking selfies (photos)


“Selfie” is a real word, you know. Officially! “Selfie” and “twerk” were added to the Oxford English Dictionary Online in August.

And that’s why we’re extra pleased to present just a taste of the excellent Tumblr Cops Taking Selfies Of course, we’re just featuring photos of two officers with Hispanic names because it is still Hispanic Heritage Month until October 15, but you can click through for equally-charming Anglos and some additional Hispanics we might have missed !

Mas…Why the Internets were invented: Hispanic cops taking selfies (photos)

Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah Zip-a-Dee-Guns; Hola Anaheim, We’re Havin’ Fun

Now in the shadows of the world’s most famous amusement park residents of Anaheim are bravely (and in some cases stupidly) confronting the Anaheim Police Department, an at times callous, authoritative government power that isn’t accustomed to being questioned even when it executes people. Crisis always spurs creativity and the most original ideas are presently forming outside of the gates of Disneyland.

Art by Lalo Alcaraz, photo by Johnny Nguyen.