In East Los, They Call It Puppet L.O.V.E.

They’re folks we all know, in a barrio near you. Will El Triste and La Smiley (puppeteer Cain Carias, and his wife, artist Mayra Plascencia) ever find the true meaning of L.O.V.E.?

The answer comes into focus in this silent short from our amigos at Lone Stars Entertainment Jeremiah Ocañas and Gabriela López de Dennis.

French band The Madcaps is crazy ’bout that ‘Taco Truck’ (video)

It’s Tuesday, and The Madcaps, from Rennes in western France, want tacos from the Taco Truck. In this just-released music video, that means cactus, chiles, Dios de los Muertos, sombreros, mariachis, French approximations of cholos in Pendletons, associated hynas, tequila shots, and luchadores. Plus some ugly-looking tacos.

Mas…French band The Madcaps is crazy ’bout that ‘Taco Truck’ (video)

Parking lot foot race: Hipster in thrift store shirt vs OG cholo (video)

The competition is set for the parking lot behind the bleachers in hot and windy El Monte, East Los, Califas. Can tattooed veterano Rizer put down his mocoso and beat hipster Ben, even if Ben is wearing his magic $3 thrift shore shirt? It’s a thrill-packed race up to the chain link fence and back again and there’s a hyna standing by with prizes. Skip Ventura of Varsity Punks reports.

Complete ‘Hey Vato!’ NSFW existential angst of Chuy y Smiley (videos)

When we heard one of our favorite Hey Vato! episodes (The Tattoo) would be screening at the San Francisco Frozen Film Festival we knew it was time for a special Sabado Ponchonte Saturday Night Video Festival featuring EVERY episode of our favorite web series, in order, so here they are. Hey Vatos! Orale!

Mas…Complete ‘Hey Vato!’ NSFW existential angst of Chuy y Smiley (videos)