Area man happy to share new Spanish tips with co-workers

(PNS reporting from HUNTINGTON BEACH) Area sales manager Rick Miller is happy to share his new-found Spanish vocabulary with co-workers, buds from the office disclosed Tuesday.

Miller (photo), who explained that he went to a barbecue Sunday over at his new Mexican-American neighbors’ house, informed early arrivals at yesterday’s quarterly sales meeting that a limon is actually what we call a lime in English, and lemons are limas in Spanish.

Mas…Area man happy to share new Spanish tips with co-workers

TV crew records purple OVNI/UFO hovering over Lima, Peru (videos)

A TV production crew in Lima, Peru, has videotaped a purple disc-shaped OVNI/UFO hovering near a construction site.

Television show Alto al Crimen was shooting an episode in the upscale Miraflores district on February 10, when the show’s host, Congressman Renzo Reggiardo, stopped an interview to allow his cameraman to shoot the strange-looking object:

Mas…TV crew records purple OVNI/UFO hovering over Lima, Peru (videos)

Watch: Moms in Peru punk sexist street harassers (video)

Fed up with ignorant cat-calls, lewd, rude and suggestive remarks from sexist men on the street, women in Lima set up hidden cameras and — dressed up as “MILFs” — went for a stroll down the calle…walking right by their ignorant, lewd, rude and suggestive…WAIT FOR IT…sons.

Scientists find cache of 25 Peruvian ‘quipus’ – Inca calculators

quipusScientists investigating the archaeological complex of Incahuasi, south of Lima, have uncovered 25 well-preserved quipus.

The 600-year-old strings are an example of the technology of the Inca civilization, which never developed a written language.

Quipu – also called “khi-pus” or “talking knots” – are made up of colored spun thread, and sometimes, llama or alpaca hair.

The ornately knotted strings are thought to have helped in record-keeping, when authorities wanted to monitor items such as taxes and population.