Shamans summon traditional spirits to make Peru great again (video)

Fruits, flowers, conch shells, special potions, and chingon hats were in season outside the National Stadium in Lima, Peru, Monday, as two sets of shamans cast spells aimed at bringing their rival presidential candidates a victory in next week’s Presidential runoff election.

Fox Latino reports:

A group of Peruvian shamans faced off Monday in a duel of rituals to bring an election victory either to Keiko Fujimori or to rival Pedro Pablo Kuczynski in the June 5 presidential runoff.

The rituals were celebrated by six shamans, four in favor of Fujimori and two supporting Kuczynski, outside Lima’s National Stadium.

Empowered by flowers and fruit, potions and conch shells, elements representing the nation’s mountains, jungles and coastline, the shamans asked Pachamama (Mother Earth) to choose their preferred candidate to succeed Ollanta Humala for the 2016-2021 term.

The sorcerers put into practice their rites over portraits of Fujimori, daughter of disgraced former President Alberto Fujimori, and of Kuczynski, who was economy minister during the 2001-2006 government of President Alejandro Toledo.

Ana Maria, who calls herself “Librana,” told EFE that, according to the spiritual rituals she performed, Kuczynski will be the next president of Peru since “it has been decreed since last year that he will win the election.”

“The purpose of the shaman ritual is to give strength and energy to Kuczynski and the power to move forward. Only a black hand can stop him (from winning the presidency) and Keiko’s people have that black hand,” Librana said.

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