New Mattel-Disney dolls for ‘Crucifiction’ movie cause furor

jesuskendoll(PNS reporting from ANAHEIM) Movie executives here are scrambling to respond to the fury over just-announced Christian religious figures re-imagined as Barbie dolls.

The Kens and Barbies are slated to promote the Mattel-Disney movie Crucifiction that “rebrands” the Passion of Jesus. The film is set for Xmas release.

The Disney reps — now on the defensive — have a heavy cross to bear.

Mas…New Mattel-Disney dolls for ‘Crucifiction’ movie cause furor

New JLo Barbie Doll has no ass — Mattel blames high cost of plastic

barbiebutt(PNS reporting from NEW YORK CITY) The new Jennifer Lopez Barbie Doll has a suspicious lack of derriere, hurting Mattel’s effort to pander to cater to the young Latina market.

The outcry, mostly online, prompted Mattel to a hold real live press conference here Thursday to try and do some damage control.

“The steep increase in the cost of plastic is beyond the control of Mattel, or our manufacturers,” spokeswoman Elena Guajardo told reporters in a Trump Towers conference room, while an assistant Tweeted her remarks to the Internets.

“Due to global shortages of plastic and plastic precursors, Mattel was forced to reduce the amount used to manufacture the new JLo Barbie.”

The JLo Barbie was expected to help Mattel in the Latina market.

Previously, Mattel tried shaming young Latinas by presenting them with unrealistic blonde Barbies that promoted internalized oppression, but that approach was a sales flop.

Mas…New JLo Barbie Doll has no ass — Mattel blames high cost of plastic