Hateline, Las Vegas: This is your country on Trump (Fox 5 News video)

In Henderson, Nevada, an angry Anglo Trump supporter was caught on video last week cursing at Latino construction workers, calling them “illegals,” “wetbacks” and worse. Fox 5 Las Vegas reporter Miguel Martinez-Valle went to find out why the pinche potty-mouthed gringo pendejo was so angry.

CALL FOR COMMENTS: Have any of you pochos been subject to similar harassment lately?

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Cholo Electronics Show CES 2016 spotlights latest in High Aztech

(PNS reporting from LAS VEGAS) The very latest in High Aztech is on display at the fifth annual Cholo Electronics Show (CES) opening here today.

Generating the biggest buzz is the new “freemium” app Chologram™ from Oakland’s Firme Junior Systems.

The free at first Instagram challenger showcases La Vida Loca Lifestyle® image effects, including the one-tap application of teardrop tattoos to a facial image.

The premium version ($5.99) features one-tap removal of teardrop tattoos from a facial image.

Mas…Cholo Electronics Show CES 2016 spotlights latest in High Aztech

Luminous white UFOs turn Mexican skeptics into believers (videos)

Up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane it’s — Marcianos! Mexican investigators Jaime Maussan and Santiago Yturria Garza share exceptional videos of unexplained aerial phenomena that turned them from skeptics into believers.

Watch news footage as one Mexican mayor spots the “fleet” of luminous white OVNIs and says, “The Martians have arrived!”  TV host Maussan calls for more citizen and media participation in compiling OVNI reports in this 90-minute presentation from 2006.

“The Martians Have Arrived” — Los Marcianos Llegaron Ya — was also a pop music hit in Mexico in 2005 by children’s music star Tatiana. Which came first — the sightings or the song? We have the video below.

Mas…Luminous white UFOs turn Mexican skeptics into believers (videos)