George Jones swings ‘Boogie Woogie Mexican Boy’ (video)

The late country music superstar George Jones wrote and sang quite a few standout songs. Boogie Woogie Mexican Boy (AKA Mexican Boogie) may not be among them. On the other hand, how many tunes do you know about a Mexican boy the girls like because he has “great big feet?” And how exactly did he cross the border into San Antone?

He was just a lad, not too old
Always lived in Mexico
And every day in the hot sunshine
He would dance and sing just to pass the time.

Dancin’, prancin’ up the street
Not even takin’ time to eat
This little boy with the great big feet
Doing the boogie with the Mexican beat.

Mas…George Jones swings ‘Boogie Woogie Mexican Boy’ (video)

Pocho of the Week: San Antonio Floater Albert Rios

Crack open a cold Bud Lite for San Antonio’s Albert Rios, our Pocho of the Week, to celebrate his positive attitude and preparedness to ride out this past weekend’s major flooding in style.  Rios, who was ready with raft, beer and river shoes when the waters hit, launched into the suburban river like a modern-day Tom Sawyer. Chances are, he was blasting Rush’s Tom Sawyer during his epic ride, which lasted half a block, just long enough to suck down that beer.

Mas…Pocho of the Week: San Antonio Floater Albert Rios