Pocho Ocho top ways to tell if your new neighbors are terrorists

pinholeThose new neighbors, you know, those people down the hall or across the street — where do they come from? What’s that crazy moon language? What are they up to? If you see something, say something.

Here are the Pocho Ocho Top Ways to Tell If Your New Neighbors Are Terrorists:

8. Since sunset on Sunday, they’ve been burning more and more candles every night and singing in a Middle Eastern language.

7. They instruct their children — even pre-K kids — in violent martial arts, regularly staging practice backyard executions where children swinging war sticks decapitate colorful paper effigies strung up for torture.

6. Suspiciously clean-cut young men in shirts and ties living in the house regularly head out on bikes for neighborhood surveillance, knock on doors to see who is home, and take copious notes after every encounter.

Mas…Pocho Ocho top ways to tell if your new neighbors are terrorists

POCHO El Pastor: ¿Who would Jesus deport?

wwjdDon’t you just love being awakened at the crack of dawn on a Saturday morning with a knock on the door from your cheerful neighborhood congregation?

If you are from the southeast Los Angeles area that might have been me (dispensa for the madrugada). One thing I’ve learned is that faith, politics and culture are intrinsically woven together for many of us.

If the Jesus of the Bible were among us today, I would what He would think of the ‘MURICA! version of His teachings, and I’d like to ask Him a simple question, “Who would You deport”?

Mas…POCHO El Pastor: ¿Who would Jesus deport?