Captain Elotes: Representation and the Barrio Heroes

I just was a panelist at San Diego Comic Con, where Chicano artists like me discussed our role in art and comics.

We talked about the importance of Chicana and Chicano characters in media, and how it represents us as a community.

Representation is a key aspect in our work, and after watching the video where bearded villain Carlos Hakas is harassing street vendor Benjamin Ramirez, I was reminded of the value of not only representation of our bodies, but representation of our stories.

Mas…Captain Elotes: Representation and the Barrio Heroes

Captain Pocho vs the Red Skull, wicked witch of the Southwest (toon)

Captain Pocho vs the Red Skull (aka Jan Brewer) Just thought I’d draw something for POCHO regarding the SB1070 ruling for this Fourth of July weekend. As a Chicano comic book nerd and artist, this is the best way for me to strike back against the Wicked Witch of the Southwest.

Gabriel Tellez Jr. is the vato behind The Misadventures of Pepito and Juan, serialized this Spring on POCHO.

Superhero Video: The Adventures of Paleta Man (Parts 1 & 2)

The Adventures of Paleta Man is the story of an ice cream man who becomes a superhero. And this video — hold on now — is an adaptation of a coloring book based on the Paleta Man screenplay by independent writer/filmmaker Paul Ramirez of Austin, TX. The video is best when played fullscreen. The plot:

Esteban Ruiz makes a living by selling ice cream. A good and hardworking man, Esteban enjoys his job, especially when it brings him closer to Margarita Morales, the woman he loves. But being a modest man makes Esteban an easy target. He has been bullied, and becomes frustrated by his inability to defend himself. His fate suddenly changes when he purchases an antique wooden box. The box contains a magical medallion that gives Esteban special abilities. With his newly acquired strength, he decides to help those in need and punish criminals. He calls himself Paleta Man. When a villain captures Margarita, Esteban will need all of his super powers.

Part 2 — Secret of the Gold Medallion — is below.

Mas…Superhero Video: The Adventures of Paleta Man (Parts 1 & 2)