The Corn Gods are not pleased when immigrants hurt immigrants

The corn gods are not pleased.

In a year of increased hate crimes against immigrants and people of color, and also rampant xenophobia, Islamophobia, misogyny, and anti-Semitism, I’m not surprised that the ire of mouth breathers has turned to street vendors.

And after an election where the pendejo who warned America about Taco Trucks On Every Corner turned out to be a Mexican immigrant, I am also not that surprised that an immigrant attacked an immigrant street vendor selling elotes on a street corner in East Hollywood near Los Angeles City College.

You might say that the alleged (but caught on video) act by Carlos A. Hakas, an immigrant from Argentina who presumably came to the U.S. to pursue his dreams of being a famous musician, is a hate crime fueled by gentrification.

Hakas — AKA Chuck Hax — has a history of harassing this Mexican elote vendor who has a regular spot on the 3000 block of Romaine St. Hakas shoves the cart over because he believes the cart is blocking the path of his boxer dog.

Apparently dogs are much smarter than Argentine musicians, they have figured out that they can walk AROUND an elote cart in order to get on with their day of eating and pooping. (BTW, PETA: I would rescue this poor dog from his two awful owners simply on the basis that they are both animals.)

Hakas’ girlfriend snarls at the elotero after he deliciously throws chile powder in the bearded face of the hateful hipster and wields an iron bar in a defensive manner.

This kind of hate in increasing regularly and is unacceptable. Not only is it wrong, but if this continues, the corn gods are going to rain down elotes on every corner.

Hey, that actually sounds good.