Looks legit: How to make fish tacos (one-minute video)

Summer’s coming, that means beach weather, and that means seafood, like the Baja California favorite, fish tacos. Did you know that the great majority of “native” videos on Facebook are viewed without sound? This is one of those new-fangled recipe videos you can watch without sound, although you’ll miss the perky music. The recipe is pretty good, too.

Here’s the recipe from the Web Restaurant Store (they made the video):

Mas…Looks legit: How to make fish tacos (one-minute video)

Super Bowl Sunday is guacamole’s biggest day (videos)

Americans will eat 100 million pounds of avocados on Super Bowl Sunday (that’s 100,000,000), mostly as guacamole:

Southern California Public Radio reports:

Avocado growers in Mexico have figured out that Americans need a lot of avocados about now, and they’re always ready to meet the demand.

“They step up their volume for those weeks leading up to Super Bowl, and they do it each year,” said Steve Taft, President of Eco Farms Avocados Inc in Temecula. His 40-year old business grows and packs avocados, but also imports them from countries like Mexico, Chile, Peru, and New Zealand. He said this time of year, about 90% of the avocados consumed in the U.S. come from growers in Mexico.

Baby Margaret sure loves her some guacamole:

Mas…Super Bowl Sunday is guacamole’s biggest day (videos)

Tia Lencha’s Cocina: Mexican flag three-color salsa for El Grito

Happy Day of the Mexican Independence!

Is Tia Lencha here. Today we make a salsa that is the colors of the Mexican bandera (flag for you pochos).

Tia Lencha is all dress in her green, white, and red to celebrate El Grito, but all of her pocho and gringo friends is a little confuse. They are no in the streets today, wearing the big sombreros, fake bigotes (mustaches for you pochos), and drinking like pescados (fish for you pochos.)

This is the day for the Mexicans to celebrate 200 years free from Christopher Colombus and his amigos, and Indians turning on their own people, and diseases, and dying by the millions, and survive only to be treated like caca by the colonizers.

Thas a lot to celebrate if ju ask Tia Lencha.

Mas…Tia Lencha’s Cocina: Mexican flag three-color salsa for El Grito