Damn werewolves! Brazilian city sets 9PM curfew (video)

The Brazilian city of Sao Goncalo dos Campos, in the Metropolitan Region of Feira de Santana, set 9 PM curfew last month. Damn werewolves.

Skeptophilia writes:

Even the government officials are taking it seriously. Apparently, for the last two weeks there’s been a curfew in the town; no one is to be outside after 9 PM. It started when a man identified only as “Pingo” described seeing a five-foot-tall black monster, which ran at him; Pingo turned and fled, escaping (he said) only by the narrowest of margins. At first, the other villagers made fun of him — until others had similar encounters. Locals are calling it a “werewolf….”

Mas…Damn werewolves! Brazilian city sets 9PM curfew (video)

What is it? Brazil cyclists capture shiny UFO on video

An unidentified flying object has been photographed over the Serra do Gado Bravo in Brazil by two cyclists, according to England’s Alien Disclosure Group:

Witnesses Raimundo Swimming and Igor Geovani managed to take some photos of the mystery object before it shot away at high speed.

According to Swimming and Geovani, the shiny oval-shaped UFO hovered for some 15 minutes.

Mas…What is it? Brazil cyclists capture shiny UFO on video

Video: Tortilla-chip UFO buzzes York, England — again

“The mysterious Dudley Dorito UFO has been spotted for the fourth time in five years flying through a cloudless sky over woodland in Yorkshire,” reports Britain’s The Sun:

The object, which looks like an extra-terrestrial tortilla chip, was captured by an amateur cameraman who posted the footage on YouTube. He can be heard saying “I don’t know what that is” as the triangular aircraft glides silently across the frame above a forest in the north of England.

The UFO was dubbed the Dudley Dorito after its first sighting over the Midlands in 2007 but it is unclear whether the YouTube footage is real or a hoax.