Paletas y Racismo: I was a teenage paletero – in Georgia

omarAfter we published our shocking story about a missing El Paso paletero, a real-life former ice cream man reached out to POCHO on Facebook.

Jonathan Omar Ramirez (Facebook profile pic, right) had been a teenage paletero, he said. We asked him for his story:

POCHO: So what led you to become a paletero?

Well my friends from high school told me about it. Many did it before and they said there was a lot of cash involved and within a couple of hours of work. Also I was very poor.

POCHO: Was this right after high school?

No [it was] while I was in high school. Still I got money to go to the movies and for food or whatever I wanted to buy

POCHO: Wow, cool! So were you allowed to eat your own ice cream? Did you just have to pay it back?

Mas…Paletas y Racismo: I was a teenage paletero – in Georgia

Naranjas, Señor?! Oranges for sale! (video)

The naranjero works hard for his money, so hard for it, honey.

As much as this street-vending orange seller looks like POCHO amigo Gustavo ¡Ask A Mexican! Arellano, it’s not him.

Here’s Arellano at his weekend gig:

Mas…Naranjas, Señor?! Oranges for sale! (video)