That’s not funny! Why did POCHO go dark for 24 hours?

24 hours of STFU against SOPA AND PIPA

We’re gonna get real with you for just a second, and then it’s back to the jajaja.

We know it, you know it, even thousands of freaked-out college students know it now:

SOPA and PIPA are horrible bills that would turn control of all the mad, juicy goodness of the Internet – including sites like ours –  over to a handful of greedy, pinstripe-suited dobermans known as entertainment industry lawyers. And those dogs would rip it all to bloody shreds.

We agree that content piracy is an issue. We create original content and don’t like having it stolen either. But watching Hollywood-owned congresscritters pimping unconstitutional laws eroding the very freedoms that make their paychecks possible is just too much to let slide.

So we shot out the lights for a day* along with hundreds more online sources. And we encouraged you then, as we encourage you now – to go see what the fight is about.

We now return you to your regularly-scheduled chingazos, still in progress.

*Thanks to Zachary Johnson for open-sourcing the code that made Mr. Pocho Ensombrado so damn foxy-looking.


Our SOPA blackout page, with all its shadowy HTML trickery, now has this permanent link for your gawking and enjoyment.

Estop pinche SOPA!