These Kiwis want your money for a ‘Taco Cleanse Club’ (video)

Those wacky kids in Wellington, New Zealand, are raising money for a healthy, green taco scene. Can you help?

From the PledgeMe fundraiser page:

About Wellington Taco Cleanse

Project 2016-11-02 12:52:08 +1300

We have a dream.

We dream of a world in which vegans, vegetarians, omnivores and coeliacs can eat together. We dream of a world in which NO man, woman or child in Wellington goes without the tacos they need to live a full and rewarding life.

“Our dream is of tens of thousands of people in Wellington transforming their lives – finding more energy, more joy and more freedom – through tacos.” – Boquita founder and taco cleanser, Lucas Putnam

Scientists in Austin, Texas have confirmed that a taco-centric diet is beneficial to well being. The good people of Miramar have been experiencing the benefits of regular access to tacos for five years, and now we want to bring that well-being to central Wellington.

So give us your money!

Why? I don’t wanna taco bout it. I don’t have time, I’ll tortilla later.

Nah, but actually, please do give us your money. Because we want to make the best damn tacos in Wellington central and we want to help you transform your life while we do it.

See, there’s a lot of good food in Wellington. But there’s less food that looks after the planet and the people making it. And even less on top of that which is SO good it makes you drop your fork and call your mum about it. Which will make your mum come down and find it so good she’ll drop her fork and wish she knew how to log into Instagram about it.

That’s what we want to do. We want to make food that is really, thoroughly good. Good to eat, good for the planet, good for all the people who helped make it. Most of all – food that is insanely, stupidly good for you. So good it will change your life. And we want to start doing it right in the heart of Wellington. That’s why we need your money.

But we don’t want your money for nothing. We don’t want no cheques for free. In exchange for your hard-earned cash, we want to give you the world famous, life-changing TACO CLEANSE.

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