They know what we want! Pocho Ocho trendiest Latino baby foods

gordobaby400BURNS: Smithers! The Latinos! With the demographics! And the babies! Quick, we need Latino baby food! It’s a goldmine of a wagon de band upon which we must to hop!

SMITHERS: But, Mr. Burns? Latino baby food? WTF? For God’s sake, man, we already have Clorox Latino. When will the madness end?

BURNS: It’s already happening, Smithers, and I just read on Fox Latino that “one of the concerns that Hispanic mothers have is losing touch with their culture and their culinary roots.” Cashing in on concerns is the capitalist way, Smithers. Release the perros!

What are these trendy Latino baby food items anyhow? We’ve got the deets on the Pocho Ocho:

8. Choco Taco Puffs

7. Baby’s First Takis

6. Cholula Pops

5. Alphabet Menudo

4. Arroz Con Breast Milk

3. Estrained Frijoles

2. Lime-a-Rita Jello

And the numero uno trendiest Latino baby food is…

Cream o’ Jalapeño.


This story based on a half-baked concept by Santino J. Rivera