Nasty Nalgas Research: Stressed out guys like big butts (with videos)

I am always so proud when humanity expands the frontiers of knowledge. Scientific American reports the result of a new study:

The team took college men and had half of them perform a stressful task unrelated to food or money which raised their cortisol levels. They then asked the stressed and unstressed men to take a look at some images of women, and rate their attractiveness. The images varied in body size, from underweight to obese. Finally, they recorded the participants own weight, height, and hunger status, as controlling variables.

The results were clear. The stressed out guys preferred a larger body size than their relaxed counterparts – but that was not all. “Men experiencing stress not only perceive a heavier female body size as maximally attractive, but also more positively perceive heavier female body sizes and have a wider range of body sizes considered physically attractive.

There may be less to this than meets the eye, according to colleague Victor Payan:

This is interesting, but all the scientists had to do to prove this theory was go to any bar at 1:57 AM, where there are a lot of stressed guys changing their perception of who is attractive real fast!

Colleague Sara Inés Calderon has written about this before:

The Math4Men™ formula: BOOBS+BUTT–WAIST=♥ (I think)

And, it turns out, POCHO has published a few articles tagged with the word nalgas, and I am still the webmaster for England’s loudest band, Spinal Tap, so repeated exposure to nasty nalgas may have skewed my preferences.

Or maybe we’re all stressed out.