We love you and want to move our relationship to the next level

MR. POCHO and all the Pochodores love you. We love you all night long.

We love you so much we built this joint and wrote these articles and created these toons and videos and stuff. For you. POCHO has no “pay walls” or user registration to stop you from playing along and our pinche funny original content is turning traditional thinking about Latino media upside down.

Can you kick in
$5 or $10 or $25
so we can
make more ñews y satire?

Por Plis?


And what do you give us back? You give us love and LULz, and that’s cool. But we want to take this relationship to the next level with more and better stuff for you, but, you see, there is this problem.

We don’t get paid. Huh? That’s right. No money for the “staff.” No money for our contributors.

POCHO is an independent satirical voice, not owned by big money interests or uber-corporate media lords — a place that won’t censor @MexicanMitt Romney or delete a Lalo Alcaraz cartoon.

So. Love and fun and right intention don’t keep the lights on. We need money.

We need money to keep the servers running, money to keep our peeps connected, money for postage and legal and corporate governance and the list goes on. Some day we hope to have the podcast and video production budgets we need, and newer computers and better mics and cameras and esmart phones, too. And people. We want to pay people for their creative work. But right now we’re trying to cover basic expenses. Don’t forget to tell them we need new shocks for the Impala!

We get some money from Google ads and we welcome new advertisers, but a little baby site like POCHO can’t begin to cover expenses with Adsense pay-per-click revenue alone. If you’re a fearless advertiser who likes our style, please click the email link in the previous sentence and tell us what you need.

But until the big ad bucks roll in, we’re asking for help from our loyal pochas y pochos, people like you who come to laugh and comment and think and argue and love and hate and share.

Did we make you giggle this week? Spit horchata on your monitor? Wet your chonies? Did you get $10 worth of PURO POCHO DESMADRE in the 10 months we’ve been online? Twenty bucks’ worth? Coolio.

Then please send us $5 or $10 or $50 or $100.

  • One click on the form up top and some typing.
  • PayPal and credit cards OK!
  • One minute and the price of a few drinks at Starbucks and you’ll be glad you did.

And MR. POCHO says thanks!