What’s good on TV tonight? Your CHiVO™ Champion Chows

50 Minutos: Toothless tia with a headscarf flees a smoking village on a donkey cart and a softly-lit cute kid with a disability plays the chit out of a cello. Eduardo Burro offers a special tribute to Miguel Xoalis.
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Tosho Punto O: Danilo Tosh provides commentary on viral videos, society and celebrities from his Abuela’s basement. Fallout from the Web’s Best Vomit Videos semifinals messes up Danilo’s guyabera.
Guanderful World of Disney: Things get pretty hairy for Herbie the Love Bug when he takes a trip to Lima, Peru. Can he overcome his need to obey traffic signals? Probably, but not before realizing the traffic lanes are “suggestion only.”
Lonche Libre: The gourmet food loncheros must sell their high-end comida to skeptics in the hood, but not before they get sparkle paint jobs, lowered suspensions and custom-painted flames with a $2000 budget and a 24-hour deadline.

Movie of the Week: Maria Conchita Alonzo and Elizabeth Pena star in Chanclas Escandelosas. Two single mothers find themselves in a lovers’ tryst after spending a long afternoon at the lavanderia. Co-starring Ruben Blades.
Havana Shore: When Paulo D’s aunt sneaks into Cuba on a humanitarian visa, the kids try to smuggle prosciutto in their underwear. Snuki gets access to a small plot of government land where she plans to grow something exotic, like cauliflower.
America’s Got Chongas: Contestant Jolicia will be hula-hooping using one of her own hoop earrings while Marisol attempts a  world record for the most visible thong worn under a see-through white skirt. (Spoiler alert: it’s neon green.)
Dance Your Ass In: Premiere! Contestants take the stage for a salsa dancing competition to win a designer silicone butt implant.
Mariachipus: When an unsuspecting mariachi band member gets lost in a top-secret government lab, he is accidentally transformed into Marichipus: half mariachi singer, half octopus. Con dinero, sin dinero, he keeps crashing wedding receptions and eating the bridal party.
PETA Patrol: It’s a bad break for bird abusers when a cock fight in Rancho Cucamonga gets raided by the PETA posse. Hint: The ending does not taste like chicken.

Mostly by Elise Roedenbeck and Chris Garcia.