bristolfarmsWest Los Angeles supermarket Bristol Farms (formerly the Westwood Ho) has a good idea for those trying to figure out who they’ll be this Halloween.

mexicanweekLidl_Stiftung_&_Co._KG_logo.svgEuro-wide discount supermarket chain Lidl is celebrating “Mexican Week” (it started Monday) at its stores in Romania.

We’ve traveled the world and the seven seas; who are we to disagree?

Cliches and stereotypes included at no extra charge. [Mas…]

You can exercise your First Amendment rights as a homophobic racist fool on A&E or as an anti-corporate viral video dude on the Internets. You be the judge.

A Chicago employee of the Safeway/Dominick’s supermarket chain (which is closing 72 stores eliminating 6000 jobs) was suspended after he posted this YouTube video — Thanks, Safeway — portraying the store closings as a vicious attack by space aliens.

Steve Yamamoto was suspended Saturday, when he showed up for his last day at work.

NBC Chicago reports: [Mas…]