Hey, Ortiz! This ruca is looking for you:

I shouldn’t even be thinking of you let alone dreaming of you. But i did the dream was so vivid i woke up in shock. I know you busy rocking the senior citizen center and seaworld. i just thought it be a boost to your ego.So i decided to post. p.s i would have never called your penis little and honestly had no idea you were popping viagra.

This ruca is NOT looking for you: [Mas…]

Craigslist Austin W4M Missed Connection: “…We met at the park…” [NSFW F-bomb.]


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Joseph with a Beard- met on dancefloor of Bodega - w4m (south beach)


We met this past Saturday night on the dance floor of Bodega. You had just gone in for tacos with your friend who was visiting (HE WAS SO TIRED).

Though you and I just started being silly and theatrical with our dancing-- and we really connected. [Mas…]