Dear Latinas: You are not allowed to make fun of yourselves

In the future, Latinas like Sofia Vergara won’t be able to make fun of themselves on TV shows like SNL because it would be politically incorrect. Oh wait — that’s happening now!

Here’s a Philadelphia blogger’s unfocused anti-Sofia rant we find perplexing:

We don’t know the level of her intellect — substantial or nonexistent. All we know is that she was a Latina model reared in the Miami school of Univision’s “Don Francisco” show, now all of a sudden made famous because of a successful ABC-TV Series, and, as of late, propelled deliberately into the role of national celebrity with exactly the same portrayal of Latinos in the U.S. resented, condemned and repudiated 50 years ago.

If all sweet Sofia is trying to do is to make people laugh at her own persona (she can hardly be imagined credibly portraying an intelligent and sophisticated Latina) that’s fine with us. If she chooses to be a clown, so be it, as long as she stipulates that her exaggerations are just that: exaggerations. And that everyone understands that her portrayal neither reflects nor appeals to the more cultivated tastes of the majority of Americans of Latino descent.

Oh, and he disses Jose Jimenez too. We’ve already handled that. And run the video.

What’s the big objection?

What does this dude want?

Every Latina ON TV needs to be Associate Justice Sotomayor or STFU?

What do you think?