Attention, Zacatecas: Pocho Ocho top ways to calibrate your gaydar

gaymayorBenjamin Medrano, 47, won Fresnillo’s July 7 election and will take office this September. His election — he is said to be the first openly-gay mayor in Mexico’s history — has led some observers to speculate that famously-macho Mexicans didn’t really know Medrano was gay, or didn’t believe him when he told them.

Hey, Zacatecas! Try these Pocho Ocho ways to calibrate your gaydar:

8. P.A.N. — not gay. P.R.I. — gay.

7. Maria del Barrio — not gay. Maria del Zona Rosa — gay.

6. Blue Demon — not gay. Santo Gay — gay.

5. Botas de charro — not gay. Botas picudas — gay

4. Camouflage machine gun — not gay. Pink and rainbow-striped machine gun — gay.

3. Regular pan dulce — not gay. Pipi-shaped pan dulce — gay.

2. Futbol Mexicano — not gay. Footsie Mexicano — gay.

And the numero uno way to calibrate your Mexican gaydar is…

Mexican Mitt Romney — not gay. Walter Mercado — real gay.