eBay bidding has begun! @LaloAlcaraz’ AZTEC SK8R UPDATED*

Completed Paintingobjects-0134I started this painting last week as part of a series of Mexicas (Aztecs) living and reacting to today’s world.

I was reminded of on-again, off-again modern-day Mexicas by a hate letter/post I got from the organizer and head poobah of a brown “self-hate” group, the Mexica Movement.

These geniuses are the Chicano equivalent of the kooky Westboro Baptist Church, except that instead of attacking everyone for living alongside gays, they attack their own community of Raza for such crimes as drawing a nationally-syndicated comic strip, or daring to perform Aztec Dance.

Yes, you read that right.

Anyhow, in honor of the head Malinche over there, I started this painting, an AZTEC SK8R, because I’m sure it would make his feeble cranium assplode.

This AZTEC SK8R shows the reality of indigenous people adapting to the modern urban life but in a positive (and hopefully visually pleasing) way.

Proceeds from this auction will help POCHO pay its hosting bills, software expenses, the Tax Man, and beer for writers if we’re lucky.







* UPDATED: Final price $472. Thank you!