Breaking: Crickett recalls kids’ rifles over safety concerns

(PNS reporting from PENNSYLVANIA) Crickett Firearms has recalled My First Rifle over safety concerns about the toxic paint used to coat the firearms.

“Our kids’ safety is utmost, so we are pulling some of our children’s weapons, especially the brightly-colored Hello Kitty model,” says Crickett spokesperson Wes Smithson. 

Crickett’s recall statement urges caution when handling the rifles in question. “Take great care not to scratch the surface of the paint,” it reads,”as it might release the hazardous toxins onto the skin, and this could be dangerous to your child’s health.”

The gun manufacturer has promised to exchange the unsafe products in question with safe children’s rifles that are coated with a safe non-toxic varnish, or can strip and re-coat the rifle and return it to the customer. Crickett has promised that the new re-finished rifles will be safe enough to “store in your toddler’s room.”

Crickett is a subsidiary of Milton, PA’s Keystone Sporting Arms LLC.

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