GMC’s Terrain is a baby SUV with teenaged style and big boy verve

Photo Courtesy GMC

A couple of years ago, the wifey and I were just outside Albany, Kentucky (pronounced “Al-BANE-EE” down there), when my dad’s 2005 GMC Yukon told me something it had never shared before.

“LOW TIRE PRESSURE” a sensor on the dashboard screamed once I went to turn on the ignition, a sensor I didn’t even know existed.

I went outside to see whether the Yukon’s rudimentary (nowadays) computer was going loco, but dagnabbit, it was true. There was a big nail in the left tire.

We had to drive about 20 miles to the nearest tire shop, where a good ol’ boy patched the hole for $5. “Those GMCs know more than God sometimes,” he said. “Great SUVs.”

Mas…GMC’s Terrain is a baby SUV with teenaged style and big boy verve

Throwback Thursday: Lalo Alcaraz’s ‘Virtual Varrio’ (1996) ;-{>

dailypennsylvanianlogoIn 1996, The Daily Pennsylvanian, the student newspaper of the University of Pennsylvania, reported on a presentation by POCHO Jefe-in-Chief Lalo Alcaraz at the 14th annual Festival Latino de Penn.

You won’t believe what happened next!

Actually, nothing happened next — it happened a few years before 1996. Que? POCHO Jefe-de-Content Comic Saenz was Managing Editor of VERY SAME The Daily Pennsylvanian when he went to Penn and he planted that Lalo story in a future edition by means of his WordPress wormhole publishing prowess, which powers this POCHO.COM you are reading right now!

Lalo has remained true to his mission. At the festival, he unveiled his plans for POCHO.COM, his vision for a virtual varrio on the Internets, where ordinary people can control their own media:

Chicano cartoonist entertains students
By ANJALI KUMAR · March 28, 1996, 5:00 am

Cartooning is not what it used to be, according to Chicano political cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz.

Alcaraz spoke Monday night in Houston Hall, opening up the 14th annual Festival Latino de Penn.

Mas…Throwback Thursday: Lalo Alcaraz’s ‘Virtual Varrio’ (1996) ;-{>

Breaking: Crickett recalls kids’ rifles over safety concerns

(PNS reporting from PENNSYLVANIA) Crickett Firearms has recalled My First Rifle over safety concerns about the toxic paint used to coat the firearms.

“Our kids’ safety is utmost, so we are pulling some of our children’s weapons, especially the brightly-colored Hello Kitty model,” says Crickett spokesperson Wes Smithson. 

Mas…Breaking: Crickett recalls kids’ rifles over safety concerns

Pee-powered urinal game consoles make splash at Coca-Cola Park

(PNS reporting from ALLENTOWN) If you’re a fan of the baseball minor league IronPigs in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley, urine luck next time you catch a home game at Coca-Cola Park in Allentown.

The urinals in the men’s rooms at the stadium now feature pee-powered video game consoles where writing your name as a high scorer is just a zip away.

WPVI Channel 6 Action News in nearby Philadelphia explains:

The screen above the urinal goes into game mode when the user approaches. The games, including alpine skiing, monitor the user’s aim to test their agility and knowledge.

Users will receive their score upon completion, which officials say is an average of over 55 seconds.

Users with high scores will be happy to know that they will be displayed in real-time across various videoboard displays within Coca-Cola Park.

Mas…Pee-powered urinal game consoles make splash at Coca-Cola Park

SCHWA the Video: Dear ‘Stick People’ – Your Alien Overlords are here

Before X Files claimed “the truth is out there,” before anyone heard of the Mayan Apocalypse, visionary Bill Barker raised the alarm, warning the few who would listen about the real illegal immigration threat – the imminent invasion of Gray Aliens from Outer Espace.

For a while, anyhow. Then he went over to Their Side.

Hollywood-born Barker, who recently approached POCHO to sugarcoat his poison meme, claimed:

I “parquito the espanale” a little. And I was raised in East L.A., near Maywood.

This human sellout — channeling thought emanations from Zeta Reticuli — created, built, staffed and managed the SCHWA Corporation, the holding company of the grays. His mission? Carry out the commands of the Alien Overlords and complete the domination of Earth and its clueless Stick People.

Barker proudly gave POCHO his SCHWA World Operations Manual so we could make this video, ribbed for your protection.

Mas…SCHWA the Video: Dear ‘Stick People’ – Your Alien Overlords are here