Dear Dad: I know you’re disappointed I’m dating a woman (video)

This Cannot Be from Irene Diaz is a poignant tale of love found, family and love lost.

Her YouTube page explains it this way:

An open letter to my Father:

I know you’ve seen me as your little girl for most of my life, and you will always see me as your little girl no matter what.

I’ve met someone and I know me being your only daughter out of 4 children, its obvious why.

I’ve followed your footsteps, I’ve taken to the music very well and have even found some success in this venture. You are proud of me, I know.

But I also know you are disappointed. Disappointed maybe in the fact that I am dating a woman. We don’t talk about it and I cant find any words to start a conversation about it. A conversation to tell you how happy I am and how much this person cares about me. I’m in a relationship, and I don’t think you could ever see that….

Irene’s story is continued here…