Traditional chile lime cricket tacos are good for Mother Earth (video)

Crickets are very efficient in turning dirt and air and water and other critters into big fat delicious grillos, much more efficient than cattle who drink water like it falls from the sky and fart like they’re not breathing the same damn air as ustedes and me. And grillos are traditional, indigenous, and delicious! Bay Area bug maven Monica Martinez of DON BUGITO explains.


Mas…Traditional chile lime cricket tacos are good for Mother Earth (video)

Cooking students in Tabasco make world’s longest tamal (videos)

Gastronomy students at the Tabasco campus of the Autonomous University of Guadalajara broke a Guinness world record Saturday with the world’s longest tamal — a tamal wrapped in Yucatan-style banana leaves instead of the corn husks used in other parts of Mexico.

And remember, kids, there is NO SUCH THING AS A “TAMALE:”

Mas…Cooking students in Tabasco make world’s longest tamal (videos)

Chanukah potato latkes from Los Hebrew Homies (Totally NSFW video)

The Jewish festival of Hanukkah חנוכה starts Sunday night, so Hebrew hermanos Jaquann and Luis prepare potato latkes (pancakes) — one of the season’s signature treats. (Totally NSFW adult language.)

We’ve got cheesey avocado potato latke BREAKFAST TACOS too!

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Los Pochodores 

How to make Mexican tortillas|Cómo hacer tortillas mexicanas (video)

Este vídeo fue grabado en Chiapas, México. En él podemos ver la forma tradicional de hacer las tortillas, hechas por los mismos miembros de la comunidad de Petalcingo. Vuélvete un experto e impresiona a tus amigos. // This was recorded in Petalcingo, Chiapas, Mexico. We can see how native people of this community prepare traditional tortillas. Tortillas are typical in the Mexican gastronomy, so, if you want to become an expert and impress your friends, pay attention.