Hungry in Lincoln Heights? Look for the ‘Corn Man’ (video)

cornmanThe Corn Man has been vending elotes in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Lincoln Heights for 27 years, according to L.A. Eater:

“I am Timothy Cactus Flower!” the Corn Man says gleefully and cackles, between elotes. All I did was ask him what his name was, and I received this enigmatic but undeniably charming answer. I’m sorry, what? I ask him.

“Timothy Cactus Flower,” he says again, putting an infarction-inducing amount of mayonnaise onto a steaming hot ear of corn that he’s just produced from a small plastic cooler.

“Timoteo Flor de Nopal,” he says again, this time in Spanish. “Es mi nombre.” Ahhh, ok. Entiendo. He deftly puts the finishing touches on the elote; generous amounts of butter, cheese and cayenne pepper. He then hands it to me in a small square of aluminum foil. The elote’s girth has easily doubled since about 30 seconds ago. The thing has to weigh at least two pounds.

Vimeo user William Justo54 filmed him a few weeks ago: