Disney’s quinceañera gowns intro new Latina Rites of Passage line

The Disney Corp’s new princess-inspired quinceañera gowns are but the first in a new line of Latina Rites of Passage gowns, PNS has learned.

The new dresses for tweens and teens are “designed to honor the milestones in young Latinas’ lives in the passionate, spicy way Disney defines Hispanic identities,” a Disney spokesperson said. Aside from the quinceañera gowns (photo) Disney has eight other dresses ready to mark these Rites of Passage:

8. First minimum wage job

7. First walk of shame

6. First boy gets to second base

5. First teen pregnancy scare

4. Two words: Sex ed

3. First marriage

2. Second marriage

The the final gown in Disney’s Rites of Passage line marks the traditional…

Third marriage.