Where have all the brown folks gone? I’m In love with ‘Coco’ that is

Where have all the brown folks gone?

I sit at a bar and I count how many are like me, I count two in a room of 30, one is a bar back Latinx and one is an African American bartender, I’ve done this since I realized that I am the other, and I need to find allies quick, in case shit goes down, in case there’s a race war

I order thai food from a food truck and the señor making the food could be my primo, while the Asian owner takes my order

Mas…Where have all the brown folks gone? I’m In love with ‘Coco’ that is

Disney’s quinceañera gowns intro new Latina Rites of Passage line

The Disney Corp’s new princess-inspired quinceañera gowns are but the first in a new line of Latina Rites of Passage gowns, PNS has learned.

The new dresses for tweens and teens are “designed to honor the milestones in young Latinas’ lives in the passionate, spicy way Disney defines Hispanic identities,” a Disney spokesperson said. Aside from the quinceañera gowns (photo) Disney has eight other dresses ready to mark these Rites of Passage:

8. First minimum wage job

7. First walk of shame

6. First boy gets to second base

Mas…Disney’s quinceañera gowns intro new Latina Rites of Passage line

Disney Day of the Dead faux pas: Latinos turned noise into news (audio)

From NPR: When Disney tried to trademark Dia de los Muertos for their new movie merchandise inspired by the Mexican holiday, Latinos picked up their own mice, went online and turned things back around.

For this week’s News or Noise, Latino USA guest host Luis Antonio Perez speaks with POCHO Jefe-in-Chief Lalo Alcaraz and Kety Esquivel, a digital media strategist, about how Latinos online retaliated against the entertainment giant.

Los Lobos do it Disney style: ‘Heigh Ho Heigh Ho’ (music video)

Los Lobos, Los Angeles’ best band ever, dipped some pixie dust for this Disney music video from 2009. The group is portrayed by the seven dwarves who add new Spanglish lyrics to Heigh ho heigh ho, it’s off to work we go. Snow White, as white as ever, is the center of attention, dancing to the Lobos beat. In the final exciting scene, a somewhat less-white Prince Charming appears and it looks like he got his hair done by Ritchie Valens. YMMV.