El Rey Del Art, painter of Arizona light, gone but not forgotten

Crimson JusticeCrimson Justice Swings by his Storage Unit for a Few Things’ by El Rey Del Art

He was the king of art, El Rey Del Art, and he painted flat bright canvases with the glare of Arizona. Landscapes. Animals. Superheroes and luchadores. Monkeys. Robots. Squids. Monkey robots. Monkey superheroes. The usual.

But then El Rey stopped painting the “real world,” dropped his art name and turned his attention to the virtual worlds of video games, which he paints in the style of the Fauvists, “characterized by seemingly wild brush work and strident colors.”

Check out his rendition of a favela in Brasil from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2:

FavelaJames Barnett, the artist formerly known as El Rey, calls this new style Fauxvism.

Keep the legacy alive! Peep and share this randomly-ordered web gallery of El Rey’s early work (no hate letters from kitty lovers, please; ditto you squid people):

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