From the ‘new’ GOP: Pocho Ocho things we shouldn’t say to Latinos

GOP leaders are undergoing sensitivity training as they re-evaluate immigration reform. Too often, insiders say, Republicans’ choice of words has hidden their true love for Latinos.

“Tone and rhetoric will be key,” is the message from Jennifer Korn, executive director of the Hispanic Leadership Network.  Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FLA), who chairs the GOP’s Vendido Caucus, champions “a kinder, gentler racism.”

Top Republicans will receive a list of phrases that should never, ever be used when discussing immigration reform. Here are the pocho ocho things NEVER to say:

8. Git’ back in your beaner-mobile!
7. Speak inglish you ‘ignant brownie.
6. We ain’t need no anchor babies.
5. Fuckin’ magnets — how do they work? Also, leave the tacos.
4. Well, lookie here…we got ourselves a spic lover.
3. Remember the Alamo!? I don’t.
2. No illegal is gonna knock up my daughter. That’s my cousin’s job.

And the numero uno thing Republicans shouldn’t say to Latinos is…

Go back to Spain!