It’s CyberCholo Monday: Buy my 2017 Cartoon Calendar, please!

calendarcoverlalodrawingtableToday is CyberCholo Monday at the Lalo Alcaraz Cartoon Studio Empire, and that means I am doing my annual plug for my hilarious and historical date-packed cartoon calendar.

This is possibly the 20th Cartoon Calendar I have made, but I have so much fun making it that I’ve lost track of how many there have been.

This year’s calendar is extra special because I’ve packed it with extra cartoons on most months. Not only do you get 12 months of full color cartoon madness from my nationally-syndicated editorial cartoon and my daily comic strip La Cucaracha, but our researchers have developed a way to “shrink” some cartoons to make more fit on a page!

You will be AMAZED!

miogracardNEW in the 2017 Lalo Alcaraz Cartoon Calendar: a special KNOW YOUR RIGHTS page with lots of helpful info in case Orange Fanta Hitler sends stormtroopers or Alt-Right brownshirts to your barriohood. Plus a clip-outtable card to kindly inform ICE or la chota about your rights!

Besides, this coming year we are heading into a dark time, and you will need laughter and satire as your armor against the Beasts Back East.

So please, support your friendly neighborhood Chicano cartoonist today by going to and clicking away on the credit card-enabled buttons! Gracias!