AZ Gov. Jan Brewja OKs curbs on undocumented youth, apples, twigs

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (photo, right) has signed an executive order directing state agencies to deny driver’s licenses and other public benefits to young undocumented immigrants who obtain work authorizations under the new Obama administration Deferred Action program.

She also signed executive orders dealing with undocumented children and other matters:

  • Undocumented farmworker children may not work picking other crops other than poisoned apples
  • Undocumented children may not splash her with water
  • Undocumented hikers may not disturb the various tied up twigs she leaves around the forest under severe penalties
  • Undocumented Deferred Action applicants may not refer to her as “Lady Voldemort”
  • Undocumented children are to be fattened up and delivered to her winter Governor’s Mansion, also known as the” Gingerbread House.”

Regular readers will remember our Mexclusive video documenting Brewer’s meeting with President Obama: