Meet the Latinos who love Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio

On Sunday, newsman Jorge Ramos confronted Sheriff Joe Arpaio on Univision’s Al Punto and told Joe he was the face of racism to U.S. Latinos.

The much-maligned Maricopa County cop wouldn’t have any of that. “How do you know they don’t like me?” he asked. “They love me!”

It’s really true, because we found a lot of Latino love for Sheriff Joe Arpaio everywhere we asked.

Jose Palomares, Jose's Party Store
We sell a lot of Sheriff Joe piñatas, seriously, a buttload. We really do like him.
Clara Silva, immigrant
I love Sheriff Joe. He shackled me to my bed when I gave birth. It really brought me closer to my baby.
Flavio Barrales, small businessman
When I see Sheriff Joe’s face, it reminds me to stick to my diet and not eat pork. I’ve lost 5 pounds. Thank you Sheriff Joe
Martha Ramirez, college student
I am going into criminal justice, and Sheriff Joe inspired me to pursue law. I hope to be a lawyer and fight corrupt racist piece of shit cops like that fat douchebag. Love him
Randy Nuñez, social media consultant
Sheriff Joe inspires me to be a better person, not a flaming asshole like he is.
Rosamaria Benavides, mom
I show my kids pictures of Sheriff Joe and I tell them he’s El Cucuy, and they behave like angels. Love that Sheriff Joe
Juan Corona, serial killer
Sheriff Joe killed his mother. That’s kind of cool. Love him.