Area Man’s Dilemma: ‘Work on beach body or just wear a t-shirt?’

mexicanswim(PNS reporting from HOUSTON) Julio Reyes wanted a beach body shape this Summer, but after weighing changing his diet, swapping soda for water and committing to a strenuous of weights and cardio, he reconsidered.

“I think I’m just going to wear my t-shirt with my swim trunks this year,” he told PNS. “That way, if my workout regimen doesn’t kick in ‘til later no one will notice.”

Reyes credits his primo Ernesto (photo, above) for the new look; his cousin used to come over to swim in his dad’s pool and usually wore t-shirts.

“It’s kind of like a family tradition you could say,” he said.

The t-shirt is a temporary solution, he added, and he still plans to get in shape as soon as he finishes this case of Blue Moon.

Photo by barnism. Some rights reserved.

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