WATCH: WB Merrie Melodies Cartoon from 1956: ‘Two Crows from Tacos’

Two Mexican singing crows are starving and try to catch a grasshopper in this 1956 animated short from Merrie Melodies/Warner Bros. What could possibly go wrong? It’s like a toon starring our hero Speedy Gonzales, Mexico’s fastest mouse, except no Speedy. Substitute crows for gatos and a grasshopper for Speedy and you get the idea.

One IMDB reviewer had a plot of praise for this toon:

From its opening scenes, which contain a very pretty rendition of a popular Spanish tune adapted by composer Carl Stalling, to its satisfying conclusion, we have here a good example of the Warner cartoon “machine” operating at peak performance. The caricatures, as embodied in the crows, are charming while the humor is quite sophisticated, especially if one pays close attention to the dialog.

Mel Blanc was, of course, famous for his delightful Mexican accent (which he often used to good effect on the old Jack Benny program) and here, having to voice both characters, he manages to give each a wholly distinctive personality. The wry humor of Blanc complements well with that of the writers.

The animation is on the same high level as all other Warner cartoons, not as frenetic, perhaps, as some others but always solid. Friz Freleng’s direction in spot-on for he creates, really creates, a slow, idyllic Mexican countryside with beautifully observed backgrounds and situations.

This one is well worth a look and I can unequivocally recommend it.