The Mitt Romney is on Univisión’s hot seat drinking game

GOP Presidential nominee Gov. Mitt Romney will be in the hot seat on Univisión at 7PM PDT tonight. Anchors Jorge Ramos and María Elena Salinas will ask him questions in Spanish, and Latino wannabe Romney will respond in English.

It’s an ideal time to bust out your Arpaio Viejo™ Tequila for a drinking game! Every time Mitt Romney does something from Column A, take a drink according to the rules in Column B:

Mitt mentions jobs or the economy Crack your first beer
Mitt winces Take a drink of beer
Mitt says “my friends” Two sips of your beer
Mitt smirks Down your beer
Mitt mentions “family values” Take a shot of Arpaio Viejo™
Mitt says something in Spanish or talks about his Mexican roots Take a swig of Tequila directly from the bottle
Mitt praises Cubans Start practicing your Cuban accent, because if you’re from somewhere else, he’s deporting you first!
Mitt stares at María Elena Salinas’ breasts Say “ajúa” and sing the Mexican Mitt song
Mitt quotes any percentage Drink everything you have, take off your clothes and run screaming into the street