Pocho Ocho signs the paletero is on steroids

8. Can outrun a G 55 AMG Mercedes with his church shoes on.

7. Takes the freeway to work with three dudes riding on the top of push cart.

6. Works downtown but has lunch in Mexico.

5. Whacked a piñata so hard it hit the International Space Station.

4. His best customers are major league baseball players, but not Ryan Braun, of course.

3. His huaraches blew out a tread and it took him 100 yards to stop rolling.

2. He doesn’t walk, he cumbias his entire route.

And the numero uno telltale signs the paleta salesman is on steroids…

A real man does whatever it takes to feed his family.

Originally published by our friends at LatinoLA.com. Jim Winstead took this photo.