Pocho Ocho reasons gringos are scared to go to Mexico for gas

While some gas-hungry Americans — gasbacks — are sneaking South of the Border to take advantage of lower fuel prices, others aren’t so sure. Here are the Pocho Ocho reasons gabachos don’t wanna go there:

8. They don’t want to get tucked and rolled.

7. Last time down there, a lengua burrito licked them back.

6. Mexican gas is stronger (Insert your own joke here.)
5. Every time they fill up, the cashier’s Tio comes back home with them.

4. They lowered Basmati and Dylan’s Volvo.

3. Unleaded for some people may mean “Not shot yet.”

2. Gas is $2.45 a gallon but the kids make you buy $64 worth of gum.

And the numero uno reason gringos are afraid of going to Mexico to buy gasoline is …

In Mexico, Low Sulfur Diesel is called LSD.

Photo by Ben Garland.