Dear Kim Kardashian: POCHO.COM is so very very sorry

Photograph courtesy

On the advice of our attorney-at-law, the Sanchez Bros (see video below), Pochismo, Inc. would like to apologize to Kim Kardashian for any harm done to her reputation by a Mexican billboard possibly prompted by our Mockupy A Billboard Challenge.

While our Challenge explicitly stated we only wanted to see billboards modified by photomanipulation with computer programs like Photoshop, apparently plastic surgeon Dr. Victor Ramirez of Mexicali, Mexico sought to unlawfully use the image of Ms. Kardashian in an advertisement for his medical services on an actual real-life billboard. We do not and did not endorse this action.

Dear Dr. Ramirez: In this day and age, a woman’s reputation is no longer something to be slandered by random passersby. Who do you think Kim Kardashian is, a slut?

The Mockupy A Billboard Challenge ends at midnight tonight.