Pocho Ocho things Donald Trump wants you to know about Mexicans

Because he wants to make America great again, GOP presidential nominee wannabe Donald Trump shared some nasty knowledge about Mexican immigrants when he announced his candidacy Tuesday (video).

trumpovercombThey’re rapists, he said, and bring crime and drugs.

But that’s not all! Here are are Pocho Ocho top things Donald Trump also wants you to know about Mexicans:

8. If you rub a Mexican’s tummy just the right way, they’ll wiggle they brown little arms and legs and say “Squee squee squee” but in Mexican of course.

7. Mexican show business is infested with thesbians.

6. Mexicans are so crazy lazy they will take your job.

5. The Mexican word for combover is pendejo.

4. Mexicans are the Irish of North America.

3. Lucha libre is rigged.

2. Mexicans aren’t Cubans.

And the numero uno thing Donald Trump wants you to know about Mexicans is…

All of the Mexicans who work for Donald Trump are calling in sick tomorrow.

Tia Lencha, Eres Nerd and Comic Saenz contributed to this report.