Pocho Ocho top Aztec deities we could sure use today

aztectricksterIn these troubled times, God[ess] knows, we could use some help from indigenous, culturally-appropriate deities.

Here are the Pocho Ocho top Aztec gods we could sure use today:

8. Chingilipochtli, god of payback

7. Guautemoc, god of amazement and wonder

6. Spocktezuma, god of living long and prospering tambien

5. Nalganatzin, goddess of dat ass

4. Tomatiuxela, god of sharing beer

3. Juangapoptl, god of duality

2. Poztyalochingaztlecuey, goddess of “I told you so”

And the numero uno Aztec deity we could use today is…

Nomamezcoatl, Aztec god of irony.


Maria Purisima and EresNerd contributed to this report.

Image of Huechuecoyatl, the Aztec trickster god, via Pixbay.